Is Your Process Server Licensed?

By Joseph LiBrandi

Did you know that you do not need a license to serve papers in Nassau & Suffolk County?

Did you also know that the majority of Process Servers in Long Island don’t have a license or Insurance?

Now you may be asking yourself why would someone get licensed if they don’t have to?

Good question, but my answer is rather simple. Professionalism!

I am licensed and Insured to serve in all of New York. I have been doing this for a pretty long time now and I have realized that my clients respect the fact that I am licensed and the person I am serving respects me even more.

Yes, you get the occasional bonehead who has no clue about anything, but when someone sees me or my staff walking to a door with a State issued ID card hanging around my neck they think twice before they react, say something stupid or even worse do something stupid.

The chances of a successful serve go much higher when you are coming from a position of power or authority. As an ex-NYC Police Officer I have the background and experience to be able to use my knowledge of the law and be able to handle just about any situation that may arise. I don’t think there are too many firms that have that ability.

In my upcoming blogs I will touch on certain cases that we have had and how we have handled them. I will also go into detail on the value of taking photos or videos while serving.