Landlord Tenant

Are you a landlord and need help getting your tenant out? Do they owe you thousands of dollars and won’t pay? Did you go to court and are overwhelmed and dont know where to start?

Relax. We can help. If its a Notice of Termination, 30 Day Notice, etc., we can not only complete the paperwork at a fraction of the cost that a lawyer will and get the job done quickly and professionaly for you. From completing the papers to serving them to filing it at court for you!

And it doesnt stop there. If you are looking to resolve an issue with your tenant, just don’t settle for eviction. We can help you not only get them out quickly, but also collect on the funds owed to you. Many Landlords are just fed up and reach a point that they could care less about the rent money owed to them. They just want the people out and want to re-rent their apartment. Before you jump the gun and lose out on thousands of dollars we can help you not only get them out quickly but also recover the money owed to you.

We work with local attorneys who handle this for a very low cost and will do EVERYTHING for you. Don’t go to the Court houses and fill out the wrong papers or submit them incomplete, etc and cost you months and thousands of dollars when we can get this done for you. Despite what you may think, it does not cost thousands of dollars to do this. Our attorneys work at a VERY reasonable rate.

For us this is a simple process that we can explain to you within minutes. We will show you exactly what we will do and how. You will save time and money by just picking up the phone so call us today for more information. This is what we specialize in.